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Privacy policy - updated July 2020

This statement only relates to, and and does not apply to any site that it may link to.

Data we hold

We hold three main types of data:

• A record of the bookings you have made with us: number of places booked, dates, times and venues. We keep your contact details such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We keep a record of courses attended.
• The accounting information for invoicing.
• If you have engaged us to carry out file reviews and services we will retain copies of those reports.

Data will be held for at least the statutory minimum periods.

We only hold the minimum data that is needed to provide the services you have requested. For instance, on the website we only ask for your email address and do not ask for your full address. You can checkout as a guest. The website only retains this minimum data.

We keep the data secure.

Assessments on courses are confidentially shredded – so delegates can identify their names and emails on them.

Sharing data and third-parties
We never share data with third-parties – it is a simple as that.

We are regularly asked if we could share data with other entities e.g. shared marketing campaigns. We have never done so and never will do. We will never ask for your permission to share data because we never ever will share it.

Secure booking
You can book by email, post or phone. Many firms book by email since no personal sensitive data is conveyed. We will confirm your bookings by email and does not contain any personal sensitive data.

We will keep you informed of future events by:

• Post
• E-mail

If at anytime you no longer wish to receive this information – just let us know and we will update your details. We have always done this.

Harmless cookies that are designed to enhance your user experience of this website are stored on your device. These consist of small data files relating to you and this website.

On the transfer of the business to Mercia-group, Mercia-Group will take responsbility for the data maintained by The Smart Training Group. They will initially make contact with you under the The Smart Training Group name under the permissions already given. If you do not wish to be contacted then at anytime please let us know and the details will be removed from The Smart Training Group and Mercia-Group database.

By continuing to browse this website you are consenting to the storage of its first party cookies on your device.

Should you disagree to the storage of first party cookies from this website please discontinue browsing this website.

The first party cookies used by this website include (but may not be limited to):

• __utma: Google Analytics cookie that refers to the number of times you have visited our website and the first and the last visit times.
• __utmb and __utmc: Google Analytics cookies that contain timestamps of time you enter and leave our website.
• __utmz: Google Analytics cookie that tracks which search engine you have used to come to this website, which keyword(s) you used to find the website, which link(s) you have clicked on within the website and where you were located when you clicked that link. This is a Drupal cookie, this is required for the website CMS to operate properly. It means if you commence making a booking and leave the process you can return at a later point in time to continue with that booking provided you have not deleted the cookie.

Please note that third party cookies are not controlled by us and are part of your agreement with the third party e.g. if you are logged in to Facebook or Google. However, most Internet browsers give you the facility to delete cookies that you do not want stored on your device. You can usually visit your browser’s website for instructions on how to do this.

Browsing the site
You can browse our site without having to provide any personal data or information. Only when you are ready to buy or book will we ask you for your details. Those details will be stored and retained on our server and will not be passed on to any third party. You can access the data from our site by way of your login details and password. In supplying those details you confirm you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time and will inform you if and when we do. Or you can checkout as a guest without having to create an account.

Credit card details does not accept credit cards. This only applies to where a limited range of webinars are sold.

Payments made by credit card will be processed by Paypal or shopify payments. This means we do not hold or retain your credit card details on our site and further means we do not have access to the credit card numbers supplied. The data is stored on secure servers based within the European Economic Area and will normally be within the UK. Your confidential details will only be transmitted via a secure link. We use the latest technology to facilitate this. This uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which means that all personal data you send to us will be encrypted. You should notice that the address line in your browser will say https and the standard security Padlock symbol should also appear in your browser. Whilst transmitting your private data these should remain in place. Please note training courses cannot be paid by credit card.

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