Statement from Bryn 4 June

It has become apparent that a third-party training organisation has contacted many firms of accountants to advise The Smart Training Group has closed down.

This is not correct.

I have not given permission for my name to be used in those emails and none was requested. It is at best economical with the facts.

Invoices and credits

The only invoices raised by The Smart Training Group before Mercia took over were for the March 2020 courses.

None of the of the courses were held and ALL invoices were credited.

If you had paid for your March invoices a refund has been issued to you.

Before asking for a statement of account, refund etc please may we ask you check your records?

Mercia Group takes over


Changes, Bowie sang about Changes, but so did Lyndsay Lohan and so did Bananarama so you can’t have everything. Actually, you can…

Changes at The Smart Training Group

It has been taken over by Mercia-Group. You don’t have to be a genius to work out why – virus and all that.


I have always tried to explain decisions and this one is no different: