employment taxes

Are any of your clients directors or employees?

Yes, of course some clients are directors

Then you need Kevin Read's update on Tax issues for directors and employees. This 3-hour course dedicates the time needed to explore the issues in more detail than a tax update ever can.

The course contents
Are drawn from:
• Differences between status definitions for employment law and tax purposes
• The impact of the ‘gig’ economy
• Is it employment, self-employment or IR35
• Review of recent status cases
• Off-payroll working in the public sector
• Complete review of the Personal Service Company including impact on distributable profits
• Planned extension of IR35 to the private sector
• “Salary sacrifice”
• Homeworking costs
• Travel and subsistence costs, including to temporary workplaces
• Staff training costs
• Directors’ overdrawn loan accounts, including tax and NIC issues when they are written off
• Employing family members
• Other recent developments, including cases and consultations

Course dates
26 September 2019 - The Park Hall Hotel, Preston from 9.30am to 12.30pm with Kevin Read

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