December Tax updates

Update on course contents due to political uncertainty

As you might be aware, and our apologies if this is news to you, there is considerable political uncertainty at the moment.

Some delegates have asked what will happen to the December Budget and Tax updates if it becomes apparent the budget will never pass through parliament. We feel the only scenario where this is an issue is if the government ‘falls’.

The good news is the courses will still continue and we do have a ‘plan B’.

We have spoken to all lecturers presenting the courses and they advise as follows:

  • The courses will still cover the Budget content but only where it is driven or requested by HMRC. The logic being that even if it does not go through imminently it will just reappear in the next available Finance Act in a few months. (After the last general election MTD was dropped from the Finance Act and some delegates changed their places on the grounds MTD was now cancelled. Wrong! If it is driven by HMRC it will reappear, so it is best to plan ahead).
  • Items that are likely to change if there is a change of government will be dropped from the course.
  • The course is a Budget and Tax Update which means that it has always planned to cover Budget and non-budget content and that remains the case.
  • On the proposed list of contents at least 50% of the topics were not Budget related so are unaffected by political uncertainty.
  • We have held a December tax update for many, many years and it is only the last two that there has been an Autumn budget. There has always been plenty of content and that remains the case.

      So, the course contents will reflect any political events that affect the likely success of the Budget becoming a Finance Act.

      If a change is needed we will post revised contents on the Blog and News section.

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