Free webinars about tax and the virus

Dean Wootten, tax presenter known to all of you, has prepared, for us, free webinars on the Tax implications of the virus.

1. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
2. Self-employment income support scheme
3. Coronavirus tax deferrals

They are absolutely free of charge. We have put them on YouTube – which appears to be a site where lots of videos are posted – well, who knew?

At a time when many providers are inundating firms with webinar adverts these are really appreciated. Thank you, Dean.


From chatting to accountants most firms are desperately trying to make working from home work, so extra adverts about CPD are, perhaps, a little insensitive – which is why we haven’t.

The reality is the documents are in Location A, the team member in Location B with the server somewhere with its head in the cloud not communicating with anyone.

Add to that the vast amounts of support being supplied to clients that is never, ever ‘gonna be recovered’.

So, these extra webinars will be a real help.

They can be accessed here:
Go to YouTube

Working from home

They are ideal for the new craze of working from home and ensuring all your team are on top of what they need to know. Incidentally if you have team members working from home the one thing they are not doing is working from home.

The reality is they are: desperately persuading children to partake in online lessons, having almighty rows with the people they live with but do not usually talk to, standing in a queue in the style of a Russian from 1980 or just settling down to watch afternoon re-runs of The Big Bang Theory on E4, because, well you can and nobody will know.


And the good news is you can post comments. So, if you have extra suggestions that can help us all please post. We are all learning in this new environment. (Though Dean has stopped comments by mistake). Hope they will return.