How to carry out an Independent examination of a charity

Independent Examination of a Charity

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4 October 2019 - Wilmslow
15 October 2019 - Chester

It really is everything you need to know about the examination of a charity.

• Definition of a charity
• Who can be an Independent Examiner
• Ethical issues in accepting the appointment
• The new limits and how they work
• The Charity SORP
• The role of the trustees and trustees' reports
• Charity Commission Guidance
• Receipts & payments - Accrual accounting
• The work the Independent Examiner must do under Charity Commission guidance
• The format of the accounts
• Reporting to the Charity, Trustees and Beneficiaries
• Common problem areas such as designated funds, unusual assets and receipts
• Common disclosure problems
• Different legal structures for Charities
• The course does not cover audit issues

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