Rebecca's MTD course

Rebecca is back with her annual MTD update:

17 October - Bolton
18 October - Wilmslow
23 October - Preston
24 October - Chester

Course contents

Rebecca has confirmed the course will not focus on past issues, such as problems with the HMRC Agent Account or filing returns this summer and autumn.

It will look at what will happen next including:

• What are the requirements – who and when?
• Exemptions from MTD
• Accounting software
• Manual calculations and input
• What are the requirements for digital records?
• So where next?
• Possible routes
• Extend the mandated VAT population
• Income tax for the current mandated population
• Income tax for other businesses
• How would this work – software issues?
• What about corporation tax?
• Bringing business tax into the digital age
• Voluntary pay as you go
• Consultation issues
• Consultation response
• Transforming the tax system through better use of third-party information

Book on course