Revised course times for the Wilmslow venue

Revised course times for autumn 2019

We are aware that travel in the south Manchester area is making a 9.00am start a major problem for many delegates.

We are pleased to announce that the management of the Deanwater Hotel have agreed that the times for most courses can start at 9.30am and finish at 12.30pm. We thank Irene (owner) and Barry (manager) for their agreement and understanding of the problem.

In return for the later start time we have agreed to a significantly reduced number of delegates that can attend. This should mean that the car park is not then blocked for their other residents and lunch guests. Booking early will really make a difference in Wilmslow.

Revised course times

• The courses that have changed are 6, 12, 15 and 19 November 2019.
• The courses on 25 and 28 November were already 9.30am starts
• The course on 26 November remains a 9.00am start because the course needs at least 3½ hours
• The December update remains a 9.00am start due to the numbers booked and there is an afternoon option.

Car park

• It really helps if delegates can share cars
• On occasions there will be reserved areas for other guests. We ask that these are respected and you do not park there

This is an experiment for autumn 2019 but if it works for the hotel and we do not block the car park for their lunchtime trade it will be extended for 2020.

Cancelling a booking

Changing a booking will be changing for the Wilmslow venue and details will be sent out to firms booked on those courses.