Bottle 2018

So what are we doing about plastic?

We are going plastic free

You might just be aware that single-use plastic is not a good thing. In fact, a really bad thing.

We know that because David Attenborough told us. And so did Sky News and they know about news because they do news – though mostly the same news on a constant loop with a misunderstanding of the word ‘breaking’.

However, we were using far too much single-use plastic on events. Particularly bottles of water so we have approached (or that awful phrase ‘reached out to’) all our venues.

Thank you to the Cheshire View

It is a really big, big thank you to the Cheshire View. Not the sort you say to a relative for an unwanted Christmas present, but a real thank you.

Every delegate used to have a water bottle - each! Ridiculous and were they ever re-cycled?

The Cheshire View will now use re-usable glass bottles which we have supplied. They will be filled with tap water, which is apparently the same as water in a bottle. Who knew? Lovely picture attached.

It will save thousands of bottles a year.


The Yorkshire Air Museum in York have confirmed:

“We are delighted to confirm The Yorkshire Air Museum has never used single use plastic on The Smart Training Group courses. Refreshments are supplied in jugs and glasses made of glass, not single use plastic. We will continue to use reusable glass and china on training events”

Not only won’t they – they never did! Hurrah.

Preston North End

Have always used glass bottles filled with water from a real tap. And they might get promoted – though that is not really anything to do with water.

Castle Green Hotel – Kendal

Our new venue in Kendal has confirmed:

‘We do not use plastic bottles at all for water we only use glass bottles or glass jugs.’

But that’s what you get from a 4-star hotel. A bit of glass! (class – oh well, never mind)

Deanwater Hotel

Are on with it and are going to visit their catering supplier to see what is available. It is an away day for the hotel.

Will keep you all informed of any progress with our other venues.

But if you are a whale (which you probably aren’t) in the ocean there is a little less plastic on the way.