Giles and Tim

Tim Good and Giles Mooney’s Budget updates

Tim and Giles have confirmed that they will aim to cover the following on their December budget updates

  • Full coverage of the 2018 budget including the small print
  • Full coverage of IR35 changes
  • Employment tax changes and the ‘gig’ economy / Taylor report
  • CGT changes made in the Budget: Entrepreneurs’ relief & Private residence relief
  • Changes to capital allowances
  • Changes to personal allowances and related reliefs
  • Filing your VAT return under MTD (the course includes coverage of Tim’s new VAT filing software)
  • Non-UK residents and UK property disposals
  • Review of recent tax cases
  • Undeclared off-shore income
  • VAT reverse charge in 2019
  • What is the impact of the budget on family companies?
  • Which company car should clients supply – if any?

It has been agreed with Tim and Giles that they will include an explanation of their new VAT MTD filing Excel spreadsheet Excel fller

The contents may vary a little depending on any tax events between now and the course date. The course contents may change a little to reflect questions received during the course.

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