Travel to Deanwater Hotel for VAT update

There could be travel problems on 25 October 2018

Although the new by-pass is open many of the supporting roads near the venue are not finished. So, in effect the new by-pass is not fully operational.

In particular:

1. There are going to be repairs to the roundabout in Woodford from 22 October for a couple of months. This is the roundabout that is used by anyone travelling from Poynton and Bramhall and from the new by-pass
2. There are roadworks at Dean Row at the two roundabouts near the hotel by the petrol station. These should be finished by 25 October.
3. There are also planned roadworks on the road near the Deanwater Hotel, but these are not likely to be a problem.

If you can also share cars it will, as always, help with parking.

We will post updates on our news section of the website.

We appreciate everyone is travelling from different directions so all we can do is advise of the problems and let you decide.

The website you need to check is Cheshire East Highways and the hotel’s postcode is SK7 1RJ:

Cheshire East Roadworks