Peter herbert

The annual Charities Update is packed with content

If you are acting for a Charity this detailed course covers everything you need to know. Peter has advised the contents will include:

• Recap of which accounting standards apply for Charities
• Does the charity require an audit or Independent Examination?
• Small charities and use of FRS 102 1A
• Choice of SORPs for Charities
• Issues for Charities near or just over the audit limits
• Issues of Guarantee companies and CIOs / CIO conversion
• FRS 102 Triennial review
• Charities and Investment properties
• New Exposure Draft – FRED 71
• Guidance for charities with connections to non-charity organisations
• Update on problem or difficult disclosure issues
• Public benefit reporting
• Charity reserves and fund accounting guidance
• Income recognition for grants and contracts
• Accounting for Grants payable
• Remuneration and related parties disclosures
• Transparency in reporting
• ISA 700 Audit report format
• Practice note 11
• Reporting matters of material significance
• Costs £89 plus VAT

Course dates
The courses are on:
7 October - Preston
8 October - Chester
9 October - Wilmslow

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