Bigger company tax 2020

The bigger company tax update and taxation of groups

Martyn Ingles has confirmed The bigger company tax update and taxation of groups:

- Changes made in the March Budget
- Tax implications of FRS 102 for the larger company & tax implications of fair value
- Tax relief for research and development and patents
- Effective staff remuneration including:
- Dealing with the end of EBT schemes
- Share schemes, SAYE schemes and share incentive plans
- Share schemes and HMRC approval / EMI
- Review of corporate loss rules and anti-avoidance legislation
- Does your client need a group structure and what are the implications?
- Annual investment allowance and groups
- Problems with more complex groups e.g. including LLPs, contrived structures, etc.
- Hive down of a trade or losses and de-grouping charges
- Buying and selling the company or group
- Quarterly payments
- Loans to a participator
- Anti-avoidance legislation
- Transfer pricing and how it could affect your clients if they trade internationally
- Setting up a business abroad – company or branch or subsidiary?
- Tax issues of developing land
- EIS, Seed EIS and venture capital

So if you have bigger corporate clients this is not a course to miss.

When, where and who

The course is presented by Martyn Ingles on:
• 17 March 2020 – Cheshire View, Chester 1.30pm to 4.30pm
• 18 March 2020 – Park Hall, Preston 1.30pm to 4.30pm

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