The time for IHT and tax of trusts

in York is 7 November 2019

The course is designed for accountants who have prior knowledge of IHT and trusts and are looking for an update.

The course contents
• Main types of trust and their uses
• Trust formalities – some key legal points
• Income Tax
o Interest in Possession (IIP) trusts
 Taxation of trustees
 Distributions to beneficiaries
o Discretionary Trusts
 Taxation of trustees, including ‘tax pool’ issues
 Taxation of beneficiaries receiving income distributions
o Availability of personal savings and dividend allowances
o Impact of restrictions on finance costs for trustee residential landlords
• Trust management expenses
• Chargeable event gains on insurance bonds held in trust
• Scope of Hastings-Bass doctrine to unwind trustee transactions
• Settlor-interested trusts
• CGT issues
• Trusts for disabled persons
• Inheritance Tax
o Overview of the charges on different types of trusts, including
 Trust for a bereaved minor
 18-25 trust
o New rules to counter ‘pilot’ trust structures
o Use of trusts in estate planning
• Offshore trusts
o Overview of the key tax traps

When, where and who
The courses is presented by Kevin Read. Kevin trained with one of the Big 4 practices before moving to training. He is now a regular CPD trainer for small and medium sized practices. The course is on
• Taxation of trusts and IHT – 1.30pm to 4.30pm
• Both Yorkshire Air Museum on 7 November 2019

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