Intro to IHT

Introduction to IHT

You can't keep avoiding questions about IHT and with this course the answers will become clear

The Introduction to IHT course is ideal for accountants with little or no prior knowledge the taxation of trusts. The course is designed for partners and senior staff and are not suitable for juniors

Taxation of property

With so many clients owning property either for buy-to-let or for business an annual update keeps you on top of key changes.

Martyn Ingles will present the course on

  • 14 November
  • 1.30pm to 4.30pm
  • Yorkshire Air Museum, York

    The course contents
    The course looks at a range of tax issues affecting small or medium-sized clients.

  • Rebecca's MTD course

    Rebecca is back with her annual MTD update:

    17 October - Bolton
    18 October - Wilmslow
    23 October - Preston
    24 October - Chester

    Course contents

    Rebecca has confirmed the course will not focus on past issues, such as problems with the HMRC Agent Account or filing returns this summer and autumn.

    It will look at what will happen next including:

    Wow - there is so much in the property tax update

    "Kevin, there is so much in the property tax update. How will you fit it in?" - we queried when Kevin Read sent through the list of contents

    "Don't worry", he said, "I'll easily fit it all in 3 hours but you are right there is so much content and lots going on I did not want to leave anything out"

    Fair enough. Judge for yourself...

    here is the very long list of contents

    VAT invoices and building industry

    HMRC have announced the start date for the new rules will now be 1 October 2020.

    The VAT updates and Finance Act courses will still cover the proposed rules. Even though the start date has changed the rules are still expected next year and delegates need to know the detailed rules to help plan clients for any changes needed to their systems.