Course contents

The course is designed for accountants acting for the larger company clients met in General Practice. It reviews the more complex tax planning and compliance aspects you should consider. The course covers group tax planning.

    Tax losses in 2020
  • Brief review of transfer pricing issues
  • Loan relationships
  • Using group losses effectively: how to move them around and use of management charges
  • Removing a company in a tax efficient manner from a group
  • Tax efficient acquisitions
  • Refresher of group tax rules: when is a company a group member and when isn’t it, qualifying conditions etc
  • Moving properties around a group
  • Advanced group structures: what works / what doesn’t including LLPs, joint ventures, associates
  • Trading overseas
  • Company residence issues
  • Anti-avoidance legislation
  • Advanced remuneration packages
  • Share structure, options for directors and key employees
  • EIS
  • Research and development
  • Capital gains for companies
Course type
Corporation tax