Course contents

This course provides a detailed review of CGT & IHT developments that affect General Practice clients. The contents are drawn from:

    Changes to Entrepreneur's relief
  • Changes made in the 2018 and 2019 Budgets and Finance Acts
  • Review of recent CGT cases
  • CGT for companies
  • Treatment of CGT tax losses
  • CGT tax planning opportunities
  • CGT for individuals. Refresher of current IHT rules and new developments
  • Maximising reliefs and exemptions
  • Recent IHT developments.

The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course date and details will be posted here.
Kevin Read's Autumn 2019 update will cover:
Entrepreneurs’ relief

  • Key changes in recent Finance Acts
  • Minimum ownership period
  • Qualifying shares
  • Elections to avoid dilution issues
  • Joint venture companies
  • Corporate partners
  • Traps to avoid and key cases
    Investors’ Relief (introduced in FA 2016)
    Private residence relief
  • Deemed occupation and letting relief
  • Planned changes for April 2020
  • The importance of ‘occupation’ and the evidence HMRC will require
  • Review of recent cases
  • Owning >1 residence
  • The anti-avoidance for ‘temporary non-residents’
  • CGT charges on disposal of UK land and buildings
  • When it applies
  • Compliance and computation issues
  • Extension to commercial property from April 2019
    Recent cases and other developments
    Review of key IHT principlesincluding the importance of domicile status
    Will planning
    Transferable nil rate band
    Use of trusts
    Understanding the residence nil rate band
  • When it is available
  • Transferability between spouses / civil partners
  • The ‘downsizing’ provisions
    Business Property Relief (BPR) and Agricultural Property Relief (APR)
  • Main conditions
  • Problems with cash-rich businesses or those deriving value from L&B
  • Pre-death planning
    Recent cases
    Overview of ‘deemed domicile’ status for both CGT and IHT
  • Course type
    Capital gains and IHT