Course contents

The course is essential for all partners/directors and senior employees who are involved in practice regulation. The course will draw its contents from:

    Money laundering update
  • Practice and quality assurance update
  • Changes to Ethical requirements
  • Review of disciplinary cases, could your practice accidentally breach a regulation?
  • DPB changes
  • Common problems met on practice reviews
  • Proposed changes to financial statements (note this course does not have extensive financial statements coverage for this see the ‘Financial statements updates’)
  • Reporting on audit exempt requirements
  • Client monies developments
  • Data protection
  • Other topical issues affecting clients and general practices
  • Changes to Companies House Administration.

The course is an update and refresher and the exact contents will be set about 4 weeks before the course and will be posted on

The April course in York will cover:

  • Anti-Money laundering update: the course will cover the key changes your professional body will focus on during a visit
  • BOOM – what you actually need to do
  • Commissions received – what harm they can do if incorrectly treatedClient monies update
  • Trust and company service providers
  • Facilitation of tax evasion training - what you should be doing
  • Recent disciplinary cases - what they tell us about practice risk
  • Latest guidance on letters of engagement
  • GDPR update and FAQs
  • Key risks affecting practices and how to manage them
  • Issues arising from consumer credit
  • Changes in structure to your practice - what you must do
  • Why your website and social media is important in practice regulation
  • How to handle a practice assurance regulation visit
  • Latest Practice assurance developments
  • Course type