Course contents

The course is designed for practices that audit trading companies or regulated sector entities such as Charities, Small Pensions, LLPs and other regulated clients. The course is an update and draws its contents from:

    Audit developments
  • The problems areas applying the 'Clarity' ISAs
  • New audit legislation
  • Problem areas noted from external file reviews
  • Developments in Audit ethics
  • Impact of FRS 102 on auditing.

The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course date and will be posted here when available
Peter Herbert's updates in May and June will cover:

  • Recent changes to the Ethical Standard - implications for smaller firms
  • Update on the audit regulations
  • Latest ICAEW/ACCA hot topics and feedback
  • Current thinking and best practice on materiality and sampling
  • Auditing standard changes from p/c 15 December 2019 - what they mean in practice
  • Feedback on hot and cold file reviews - the five most common issues
  • Auditing revenue
  • Demonstrating professional scepticism on SME audit files
  • Audit reports - where they go wrong and why it matters
  • The use of technology in auditing today
  • Preparing for a regulatory visit
  • Overview of imminent changes to the auditing profession (Brydon and Kingman)
  • Course type