Course contents

The course is an update covering the developments in Charity auditing and accounting. The course draws its contents from:

    The latest Charity SORP
  • Impact of the Charities Act 2011
  • Problem audit areas
  • Common disclosure errors ¬
  • Problems in reporting to the Charity Commission
  • Problems arising for different types of charity
  • Accountants and audit reports
  • New developments.

The course covers all major changes over the last 12 to 18 months and is suitable for accountants in practice and the charity's accountant. This is an update course and assumes prior knowledge of Charity accounts and is not suitable for junior staff.

Since it is an update the exact contents will be set about 4 weeks before the course and will be posted here when available.

The October 2019 courses will cover:

  • Recap of which accounting standards apply for Charities
  • Does the charity require an audit or Independent Examination?
  • Small charities and use of FRS 102 1A
  • Choice of SORPs for Charities
  • Issues for Charities near or just over the audit limits
  • Issues of Guarantee companies and CIOs / CIO conversion
  • FRS 102 Triennial review
  • Charities and Investment properties
  • New Exposure Draft – FRED 71
  • Guidance for charities with connections to non-charity organisations
  • Update on problem or difficult disclosure issues
  • Public benefit reporting
  • Charity reserves and fund accounting guidance
  • Income recognition for grants and contracts
  • Accounting for Grants payable
  • Remuneration and related parties disclosures
  • Transparency in reporting
  • ISA 700 Audit report format
  • Practice note 11
  • Reporting matters of material significance
  • Course type