Course contents

The course is designed for auditors looking to maintain the quality of their auditing and ensure they are carried out at maximum efficiency. The course draws its contents from:

    A review of compulsory audit requirements and how to save time on them
  • Using planning to reduce time
  • Using analytical review (properly) to cut down other tests
  • Work the client can do
  • How to design tests for time saving
  • Areas that are typically over audited
  • How to evaluate risk so reducing time
  • Setting budgets and briefing the audit team
  • How to adapt the audit as it progresses.
  • The course includes a detailed checklist of areas to review that will help reduce audit time.

The audit efficiency course on 9 October will cover:

  • Audit and client management
  • Why the client is key to reducing the time spent
  • The impact of audit ethics for smaller entities
  • How to reduce the - using planning to reduce time throughout the audit
  • Is your audit documentation excessive?
  • Using analytical review
  • Using an audit budget - properly
  • Using the client’s internal controls
  • Efficient documentation of meetings
  • Setting materiality correctly
  • Why the high-risk areas are key
  • Directional testing
  • Why the RI is absolutely vital to reducing time
  • Using a freeflow document
  • Consider monetary unit sampling
  • How to carry out an efficient review
  • Peter has over 30 suggested areas to save time and increase your audit efficiency that you can use on your audits
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