Course contents

The course explains what a good audit file should look like and how to deal with the high-risk areas. The course is designed to explain how a good audit file is constructed with particular reference to ISA 230 on Audit documentation. The course will include sample documents covering audit tests and layouts of audit working papers. The course is equally relevant to paper and software based audit programmes.
The autumn 2019 will cover:

  • Audit documentation as required by ISA 230
  • What the permanent file must contain – and what is not essential
  • The review of audit ethics every good file will have
  • Identifying audit threats
  • Ethical standard 6 for smaller entities
  • The communication process – ISA 260
  • Understanding the business - ISA 315
  • Related party review – ISA 550
  • Review of fraud – ISA 240
  • Documentation of systems and controls
  • The minimum contents for the audit plan
  • Review of accounting estimates and approach to risk assessment
  • How the audit working papers should be set out
  • Going concern review
  • Review of key issues section by section
  • Closedown and post balance sheet review
  • The manager and partner review process
Course type