Course contents

The course is designed for accountants who need a good knowledge of the tax issues and opportunities when selling or buying a business. This course draws its comments from:

    Pre-sale planning
  • Changing the client structure before sale, such as shareholdings, legal format and transfer of assets
  • CGT & Entrepreneur’s relief
  • Extraction of profits before sale
  • Sale to third parties
  • Sale to family members
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax issues of using pension funds in sale and purchase of businesses
  • Sheltering and deferring capital gains
  • Interaction with IHT
  • Management buyouts
  • Succession planning. The course only looks at issues that affect the sale of SMEs.

Kevin Read's course in September will cover:

  • Sale of assets or sale of shares - key tax issues
  • Capital allowances when buildings are transferred
  • Entrepreneurs’ relief - points to watch in 2019
  • Tax implications of ‘Cash or shares’
  • Share-for-share exchanges
  • SDLT considerations
  • Problem areas with sharesunincorporated trades
  • Tax impact of taking consideration as cash, shares or loan notes and impact on tax deferral and tax rate
  • Deferred consideration and earn-outs
  • Company and trade disposals - key corporation tax issues
  • Change in ownership of a company
  • Hive-downs
  • The different types of de-mergers and use in pre-sale planning
  • Succession planning including share buy backs and buy-outs
  • Partnership capital gains issues
Course type
General tax