Course contents

The course draw its contents from:

    Basis of taxation
  • Taxable Benefits
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Company car and fuel update
  • Dynamic tax coding ¬
  • Taxation of expenses and related payments
  • Share and share options schemes that work in family companies
  • Disguised remuneration
  • National insurance and directors
  • Submission of tax returns under digital taxation
  • The tax treatment of director’s loans in 2020
  • Review of tax efficient payments for directors
  • Review of employment status issues
  • IR35
  • Employee remuneration and share packages in small and medium sized companies
  • Use of family members in tax planning (share structures, trusts, remuneration)
  • Directors and employees working abroad
  • The use of pensions
  • Status review
  • Income tax loss relief on disposal of shares
  • The importance of the HMRC toolkits
  • Employee shareholders and related securities
  • Tax impact of paying an unlawful dividend
  • Directors and the minimum wage
  • Review of recent tax tribunal cases
  • Review of anti-avoidance legislation.

The exact contents are set about 4 weeks before the course and will be posted here when available.

Course type
General tax